Wild is closer than you think.

National Wildlife Refuges are some of the best places for wildlife photography thanks to their abundance of wildlife.

Nature photography offers a chance to be still, be silent, be patient, and ultimately to become engrossed in the challenge of capturing rare glimpses of nature’s mysteries; or to capture new views of the common but cool.

Through our lenses, we see the natural world much differently. We are keenly aware of light and its magical reflections. The full spectrum of color suddenly appears more vibrant. We become conscious of shapes and angles as we carefully construct our compositions, taking nothing for granted.

Recently, while checking out one of our favorite Facebook Groups for photographers, I stumbled across an impressive image captured on a National Wildlife Refuge. The photographer, Joan Robins, remarked in her post:

We were identifying distant ducks and pelicans when suddenly the view 3 feet from our car window came into focus--Damselflies galore!

Isn’t that what National Wildlife Refuges are about in many ways? Refuges are everywhere, and because they are there - access to wildlife is too.

There are iconic and majestic public lands in this country. Our National Parks represent some of the best; but our National Wildlife Refuges are no less important, no less impressive and MUCH more accessible. Often the best that our public lands have to offer is closer than you think.

Joan, thank you for helping us see that often the wonders of nature are closer than we think.