James Mcclelland iii, treasurer

James McClelland is an entrepreneur and specialist in international trade and development. His early career was with Coca-Cola where he co-founded and managed the Coca-Cola international trading company. He expanded it throughout Eastern Europe, Latin America, and South East Asia, and promoted corporate entrepreneurship in Coca-Cola Bottling companies worldwide.

James went on to found McTrade, an international trading company working with US and European clients in soft currency countries to facilitate the introduction of investments, technology, specialized skills, training, and related activities.

Prior to his career in international trade, James served as a congressional staffer and on the Council of International Economic Policy as an Africa specialist for the Ford White House. He held a directorship on the US Yugoslav Business Council, was a founding Director of Aid to Artisans, and currently serves on a number of corporate and non-profit boards.

James holds a BA in History and Political Science from Yale University, an MA in International Law and Economics from The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), and an MBA from Harvard University.

James has a passion for the outdoors, a keen understanding of non-profit governance and appreciates the role of the Refuge Association in advancing the Refuge System and FWS wildlife conservation mission. He’s also an avid outdoor photographer and is eager to help the Refuge Association take advantage of opportunities at refuges to build major donor support.