Engage the Public

NWRA’s mission of conserving America’s wildlife heritage for future generations could not be realized without public involvement and support. Grassroots development and public education and outreach are crucial to accomplishing our goals on the national and local levels. NWRA engages the public to:

Refuge volunteer
Volunteers and Refuge Friends are vital in helping the Fish and Wildlife Service achieve wildlife conservation and public outreach goals on our national wildlife refuges. | USFWS
  • Develop and sustain a large grassroots community of Friends and activists working to advocate for important wildlife and refuge issues on Capitol Hill
  • Generate support for refuges and vital wildlife habitats at the local and national levels through training workshops, communications networks and partnerships, and advocacy for the refuge Friends network.
  • Educate the public about the importance of the National Wildlife Refuge System and the recreational opportunities available on refuges.

Public Engagement Results

  • Since 2001, NWRA trained thousands of citizen advocates from all 50 states and many territories at regional Friends workshops.
  • Since 2001 NWRA has generated more than 30,000 communications from private citizens to decision-makers on a host of topics, from supporting conservation program funding to protecting the Arctic from oil drilling and creating new habitat for endangered species such as the Florida panther with the Everglades headwaters project.
  • NWRA’s Refuge System awards program recognizes the outstanding contributions of the refuge manager, employee, volunteer and Friends group of the year.

Get Involved

There are plenty of ways to get involved with NWRA and help support our National Wildlife Refuge System. Find the one that works for you:

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