Conservation Programs

NWRA is the leading defender of our nation’s system of wildlife refuges. To accomplish our mission, we employ three broad strategies: grassroots action, advocacy for funding and policy, and on-the-ground conservation.  Our conservation programs are devoted to delivering on-the-ground results.

Our conservation program work focuses on places and projects that have broad significance or can serve as models for other conservation efforts. These programs include:

  • Special Initiatives: Efforts to find collaborative approaches to difficult or controversial conservation issues, such as balancing desert tortoise conservation with renewable energy development, or working with communities to develop strategies to prevent endangered species listings.
  • Knowledge Transfer and Best Practices: A program to help the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service maximize its effectiveness and efficiency by identifying successful conservation models, share lessons learned and convene discussions among diverse groups.
Pahranagat NWR | Malcolm Harris
Pahranagat NWR | Malcolm Harris





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