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The State of Play- 2018 Elections and the 116th Congress

As of Wednesday morning, November 7, with many races still undecided, the leadership of the House will flip to the Democrats in the 116th Congress beginning January 3, 2019, but the Senate will remain controlled by the GOP. While the election shows how divided the country still is, the House will now have subpoena power over the Trump Administration and will be able to stop almost any proposed legislation from the President. In a word, near complete gridlock and two years of intense oversight of administrative actions.

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Refuge Association Joins Lawsuit to Stop Illegal Land Exchange at Izembek Refuge

Read our press release on The Refuge Association joining a lawsuit to stop the illegal land exchange happening at Izembek National Wildlife Refuge.

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Former DOI Officials Send Letter on Migratory Bird Treaty Act to Secretary Zinke

On Dec 22nd, Secretary Zinke issued guidance to reinterpret one of the oldest and most important conservation laws of our nation – the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) which will have implications on migratory birds. Bipartisan Interior leaders from several …

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Secretary Zinke pushes for Izembek Road

 “Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is pushing a plan to build a road through the protected Izembek Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Critics say it’s a dangerous precedent.”  

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Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument

When you think of Hawaii, what comes to mind? Is it the nature: beautiful land and ocean ecosystems that compose the state? Is it the history, native Hawaiian culture? Or is it the wildlife: diverse seabirds, fish, and coral? Each …

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Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument

Due to widespread public support to protect areas for their natural, scientific, and historic significance within the Northeast Atlantic Ocean, President Barack Obama created the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument on September 15, 2016,. This area became the …

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Your Marine National Monuments are at Risk – Take Action Today!

The United States manages and protects some of the world’s most precious and intact marine ecosystems designated as marine national monuments. Over 7,000 known marine species, 23 seabird species, 30 marine mammal species, 200 coral species, and 25 threatened and …

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Secretary Zinke Announces Bison Range Decision

On April 13, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke  announced his decision on the National Bison Range. The Secretary stated, “I took a hard look at the current proposal suggesting a new direction for the National Bison Range and assessed …

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