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10 Cities Campaign: South Texas Refuge Complex

When most people think of Texas, they imagine sun and sagebrush, with sprawling ranches and open plains. In reality, the state is incredibly environmentally diverse, encompassing dramatic mountains and desert rivers in the west, and humid, Spanish moss-draped coastal wetlands in the southeast. The South Texas Refuge Complex (STRC) sits in the latter area, mostly located between the border with Mexico and the Gulf. Though it is far from the sprawl of cities like Houston and San Antonio, the Lower Rio Grande Valley area has lost more than 97% of its native habitats to development, making the Complex an important bulwark protecting the ecological health of wildlife corridors in southeast Texas.

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Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge – Ground Zero for Border Wall Expansion

Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, located along the Rio Grande River on the U.S. border with Mexico in south Texas, is one of the most ecologically important areas in the nation and unfortunately is at the forefront of the Trump …

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Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge—Border Wall Through the Refuge?

  WHAT WE KNOW: The Trump Administration has secretly been planning on building a wall through this border refuge, which sits on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande River The Army Corps of Engineers has been taking soil samples …

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