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Sage-Grouse Announcement Supports Years of Collaborative Conservation

Today’s announcement that listing the greater sage-grouse is presently “not warranted” recognizes the innovative conservation partnerships developed among federal and state agencies, private landowners and local partners over the past five years.

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Unprecedented Conservation Collaboration – The Key to the Protection of the Sagebrush Steppe Landscape and the Imperiled Sage-Grouse

Yesterday, the Secretary of the Interior announced the release of 14 final Environmental Impact Statements and proposed Resource Management Plans that address conservation objectives to protect sagebrush steppe landscapes in 11 Western states in the expansive range of the greater …

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Valentine’s Day on Refuges

Wildlife species throughout the animal kingdom have a wide variety of mating rituals. Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d share some of the courtship dances that birds found throughout the Refuge System perform. How many of these courtship …

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Birding Community E-Bulletin December

This Birding Community E-bulletin is being distributed to active and concerned birders, those dedicated to the joys of birding and the protection of birds and their habitats. This issue is sponsored by the producers of superb quality birding binoculars and …

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