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Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Who knew that you could travel just 30 minutes outside of the heart of Washington D.C. and be in the middle of such a beautiful refuge among diverse wildlife? Named after the Dogue people’s word for “at the end of the water,” the Occoquan Bay Refuge is a beautiful piece of land at where the Occoquan River and Potomac River meet. It’s filled with grasslands, wetlands, and woodlands that bring you back into nature. Stepping into the bottomland forest will give you instant relief from the typical hot summer day as the cool, shaded air encapsulates you. Starting off your morning in the grasslands of the refuge will give you the perfect opportunity to catch a beautiful sunrise like the one below. This refuge has many different trails that can give you many different experiences.

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Showing Love For Wildlife Refuges Through Photography

After hearing about the armed standoff at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Steve Dimock’s first thought was, “Let’s introduce people to what a wildlife refuge is and what makes them special through photography.”

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2015 Wildlife Refuge Photo Contest Winners Announced  

An American kestrel perched on a cattail at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, photographed by Dennis Davenport, in Washington was the grand prize winner in our 2015 Wildlife Refuge Photography Contest.

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CARE Releases “America’s National Wildlife Refuges: Good for Wildlife and for Business”

This morning, the Cooperative Alliance for Refuge Enhancement released America’s National Wildlife Refuges: Good for Wildlife and for Business that highlights the “Big Six” wildlife dependent uses on wildlife refuges. National wildlife refuges not only provide a haven for wildlife, …

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Refuge Week, a Great Success!

Refuge Week has come and gone, and what a fun week it was! From events all across the country, to the massive participation on social media, thousands of wildlife fans shared their love of our national wildlife refuges far and …

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