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14 Refuges: Portland-Vancouver Urban Wildlife Refuge Project

Portland, Oregon is a bustling port town that’s experiencing rapid growth, and faces many challenges around striking a balance between preservation of public lands, investing in communities, and promoting economic investment. Across the Columbia River in Washington, the city of Vancouver is becoming a magnet for people moving to the region for work and retirement. But it isn’t just the vibrant communities and amenities that attract people; world-class park systems and access to various public lands are just as important as lively brewpubs and an established music scene, and six national wildlife refuges are among the areas easily accessible to this major metro area.

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Showing Love For Wildlife Refuges Through Photography

After hearing about the armed standoff at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Steve Dimock’s first thought was, “Let’s introduce people to what a wildlife refuge is and what makes them special through photography.”

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What Malheur Means to Harney County

I know what a great and important place Malheur is–I was there this summer. I listened to neighbors and ranchers, county commissioners, hunters and fishers, conservationists, women and men from cities and the country, all tell a common story of working together to solve conservation problems that will make life better for Harney County.

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Leaders of the Malheur Occupation Arrested

As news unfolds that the leaders of the Malheur occupation have been arrested, and one was killed in a confrontation with police, we are cognizant that occupiers still remain at the refuge, and the standoff is not over.

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An open letter to the American people: Events at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

As I’ve watched the events unfolding at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge over the last several days, the image of an American flag obscuring the welcome sign at the wildlife refuge seems especially ironic.

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