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Land and Water Conservation Fund Reauthorized for Three Years & Proposed Road through Izembek National Wildlife Refuge Rejected

Of the $450 million for LWCF, the Refuge System will receive $68.5 million for projects next year.

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A New Era of Collaborative Conservation

The recent announcement by Interior Secretary Sally Jewell that the greater sage-grouse is not warranted for protection under the Endangered Species Act was welcomed with a collective sigh of relief across much of the Western U.S. The much-anticipated decision, prompted …

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Unprecedented Conservation Collaboration – The Key to the Protection of the Sagebrush Steppe Landscape and the Imperiled Sage-Grouse

Yesterday, the Secretary of the Interior announced the release of 14 final Environmental Impact Statements and proposed Resource Management Plans that address conservation objectives to protect sagebrush steppe landscapes in 11 Western states in the expansive range of the greater …

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40 Species in the Refuge System – Part 3

Today is the third installment of “40 Species in the Refuge System” to celebrate our 40th anniversary. Click here for Part 1, and here for Part 2. This time, we are talking about birds! Waterfowl, birds of prey, and more …

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Why Today’s Bi-State Sage-Grouse Decision is an Encouraging Sign

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today announced that a sub-population of greater sage-grouse found only in California and Nevada does not require protection under the Endangered Species Act. Big deal, right? Actually, yes. While this decision only concerns the …

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