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President Obama Visits Florida Everglades to Speak Out About Climate Change

In his first-ever visit to the Florida Everglades, President Obama today marked the occasion with an Earth Day speech about the need to address climate change. National Wildlife Refuge Association President David Houghton had a front-row seat for the speech, …

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The Land and Water Conservation Fund Vital in the Face of Climate Change

President Obama will be traveling to the Everglades on Wednesday to make an Earth Day announcement about efforts to combat climate change and sea level rise at four landscapes throughout the nation. While his message focuses on parks in honor …

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NEON Data May Solve Mystery

Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge in North Dakota is the nation’s largest sanctuary for American white pelicans. The refuge was established for their protection. With only 50 pelicans counted in 1908, the population has made huge improvements with a flock …

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Wildlife Refuges Aiding in Efforts to Slow Climate Change

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you appreciate and value the National Wildlife Refuge System and all that it has to offer. We are well aware of the immense benefits to wildlife and habitat that these open spaces provide. …

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Refuges Implement New Tool to Become More Energy Efficient

The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service is taking some clear steps to aid in the reduction of greenhouse gases with a new software that makes it easier for managers, staff, and visitors at refuges to be more energy efficient. The …

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