Mike Murphy

Michael is a Creative Director in the fields of Marketing and Branding (Graphic Identity) and is the Creative director and partner of upstart advertising + design, a virtual agency, in Boulder, Colo.

Michael attended The School of Visual Arts in New York City and has worked with and for many reputable Advertising agencies over the past 25 years, including Mullen (Winston Salem, NC), DIGITAS (Boston, MA), and Doe Anderson (Louisville, KY).

 Michael’s relevant skills lie in brand positioning and communications (Art Direction and Design). For much of his career, his focus has been on establishing a clear brand identity and building and cultivating relationships with that brand. Michael’s design work speaks to clearly defined audiences with communications designed to motivate and bring about specific actions while establishing long-term relationships whenever possible. He has delivered success to countless national brands including Thomasville Furniture, General Motors, Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Morton’s Steakhouse, Hanes, National City Bank and more. He has helped further the causes of non-profits as well, including The American Lung Association, Swim Across America, The Louisville Ballet, and Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forrest.

Michael spent every summer (and some winter vacations) of his childhood at his family’s lake house, deep in the woods of Maine. No road, electricity, running water, TV, heat or AC. Out of that came a life-long connection with our forests, waters, and everything living in them. He continues to find himself outdoors whenever possible, enjoying hiking, kayaking, mountain climbing, skiing, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and open water swimming. Michael still gets to that lake house in Maine as often as possible.