Rohn is a full-time volunteer splitting her time between her commitments to conservation and education. Kit is an alumnus and the current Board Chair of The Ethel Walker School, an all-girls independent boarding and day school in Simsbury, CT. Prior to serving as Board Chair, Kit chaired the Head of School Search for the current Head. As Chair, Kit’s efforts are focused on fundraising, trusteeship development, alumni relations, school governance, and strategic planning. Kit also serves on the board of Horizons at The Ethel Walker School, the first all-girls Horizons program in the country, now in its fourth year of operations. Horizons is a national student enrichment program for underserved families.

When away from Walker School and Horizons, Kit is a part-time bird bander for the Connecticut Audubon Society. Kit worked in the early 1990’s for the National Audubon Society as an educator. Later, while a mother raising three children, she was President of the Darien Audubon Society. Kit was a founding member of Conservation International, a nonprofit environmental organization that focuses on science, policy, and partnership with businesses and communities to accomplish its goal of protecting nature as a source of food, fresh water, livelihoods, and a stable climate.

A graduate of Dartmouth College, Kit double majored in Environmental Studies and Fine Arts. Her love and passion for birds and nature dictate the way she lives and where she travels with her husband, and whenever possible, their now young adult children.