Arctic National Wildlife Refuge


Defending the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from Oil and Gas Drilling

What is at stake

The Arctic Refuge is home to an incredible array of biodiversity. While the Arctic Refuge is perhaps best known for its resident polar bears, this landscape is also one of the few places on Earth where polar, brown (grizzly), and black bears can be found coexisting. 

More than 200 species of birds depend on the Arctic Refuge. Every winter, migratory birds travel from the Arctic Refuge to every state and territory in the United States, and some even venture to other continents! Hundreds of thousands of caribou roam the Arctic Refuge. The Porcupine Caribou Herd, the largest within the Arctic Refuge, returns to the refuge’s Coastal Plain each spring to calve and raise their young. In addition to providing habitat for bears, caribou, and migrating birds, the Arctic Refuge is home to wolves, muskoxen, and a multitude of other species of wildlife.

The Threat

The push to drill in the Arctic Refuge has been present since the refuge was created. Pro-drilling forces have found a powerful ally in the Trump Administration and they are doing all that they can to expedite lease sales and move oil rigs onto the coastal plain before we can stop them.

No refuge is more threatened than the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Without our full-throated opposition to drilling in the refuge, the destruction of “America’s Serengeti” is imminent.

The Refuge Association has always fought to keep this refuge closed to oil and gas development because experts agree that oil and gas development in this area would permanently and irreversibly disrupt the ecological integrity of the refuge.

Our Solution

We must remain ready to challenge every effort to drill in the Arctic.  We must pass legislation to repeal the law that allows for drilling in the Arctic and will lead to irreparable harm to one of the last truly great wilderness areas in the world

While the threat to the Arctic Refuge is greater  than it has ever been, the National Wildlife Refuge Association has been fighting to defend the Arctic Refuge for decades – and we have no intention of backing down now.

The Arctic Refuge belongs to all Americans, and this shared resource must not be irreversibly tarnished so that a select few can earn a profit.