Big Win For Izembek National Wildlife Refuge

Lupine at Izembek National Wildlife Refuge frames Frosty Peak in Alaska by Leticia Melendez/ USFWS

The National Wildlife Refuge Association is thrilled with the news that the Federal District Court has today voided the land exchange agreement that would have built a road through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. The land exchange would have gutted this pristine wilderness area, and the Court found that the errors in Interior Department’s Exchange Agreement were so egregious that the Court vacated the entire agreement. This decision insures that Izembek NWR remains a great part of American’s conservation inheritance. A magnificent wilderness has been protected today by the Court’s decision!

Read our group press release here!

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  1. Richard Spencer says:

    AWESOME NEWS, to me at least… I reside in the mountains of West Virginia and see first hand the destruction of big industry in the energy sector. Our state is nothing of what it once was and seems to be getting worse. Timber, coal and LNG is being taken out at an alarming rate. It is my mission to visit the ANWR before I pass and only hope the gas and oil industry are NEVER allowed to trek in and destroy what seems to be the most beautiful place on the planet. I pray for our planet and for our Mother Earth.

  2. Becky Hutchinson says:

    I am so happy and relieved.. this NWR is critical to migrating birds. Thankfully we have passed the first hurtle.

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