Conversation About Conservation 2019

On January 19, Refuge Association board member, Dragana Connaughton of Palm Beach hosted a “Conversation about Conservation” event near her home for friends, neighbors and those interested to learn more about the work of the National Wildlife Refuge Association. Our Florida program lead, Julie Morris spoke about her work that involves land conservation science, planning and protection that benefits water quality and wildlife. President Geoff Haskett spoke of the impacts the recent government shutdown had on our National Wildlife Refuge System and federal employees.  Approximately 130 guests attended the beachside event with a stunning moon set over the water as our backdrop. We would like to thank Dragana for hosting the Refuge Association and to current and former board members for attending, including Bill Buchanan of New Canaan, Connecticut and Nancy Marshall of Palm Beach. We would also like to send a special thank you to local rancher, Jim Strickland of Strickland Ranch/Blackbeard’s Ranch, a vital partner in conserving Florida’s vanishing landscapes.

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