Unwanted Melody

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  Photo by Lisa Hupp/USFWS

Do you hear it?

Cracking of frigid sheets of ice,
as drills burrow deep into the earth.

Cries of the migrating caribou,
wandering aimlessly throughout the barren terrain.

Sloshing of thickened oil,
drudged from the pristine and flawless land,  

Howls of rust colored wolves,
drowned out and silenced by machines.

Echoes of deafening destruction,
bouncing off the peaks of the snow-tipped mountains.

Shuffling of slips of green,
pocketed by the powerful and greedy.

Moans of massive black bears,
frightened for the safety of their young.

Bubbling of stained rivers,
splattered black, transforming its once crystal state.

Do you hear it?

I pray you never do.

About the author: Hannah Feltz was a Communications Intern for the National Wildlife Refuge Association in the Summer of 2018.  While with NWRA, Hannah used her environmental and communication skills to assist with weekly social media strategy, nonprofit development, and other tasks.   Currently, she is continuing her degree in environmental studies and communications at the University of Cincinnati.  

Of the poem, Hannah said, “I went with a poem because I wanted it to be more of a feeling and sensory piece. I wanted to speak of actions and sounds that will be heard within the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge if drilling were to occur there. The Arctic Refuge is a pristine land that needs to be cherished, and I wanted my poem to serve as a reminder that we as a community have not forgotten about it even though it has been almost a year since the drilling was proposed in the most recent Tax Bill”.

Permanent link to this article: https://www.refugeassociation.org/2018/11/unwanted-melody/

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  1. bandarq says:

    hujan menyelimuti tangisan
    memori akan kerinduan
    terhempas oleh keserakahan
    teracuhkan oleh waktu

    dimana hidup mu
    tidak lagi ada
    ketika bumi tiada

    the rain covered the crying
    memory of longing
    blown away by greed
    ignored by time

    where is your life
    no longer exists
    when the earth is gone

    save it
    prove it

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