Steve Thompson Receives Lifetime Achievement Award From The National Wildlife Refuge Association

Click the image below to read our press release on the National Wildlife Refuge Association presenting Steve Thompson, our former board member, and longtime USFWS leader, with a prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award!  To see all of our press releases click here.


Permanent link to this article: https://www.refugeassociation.org/2018/05/steve-thompson-receives-lifetime-achievement-award-from-nwra/

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  1. John Mensik says:


    Just wanted to take a minute to THANK YOU for recognizing Steve with this award. It is an especially tough time for the entire Thompson family right now, but I am certain he was most appreciative……..we do not get into this business to get rich or famous….but some accolades along the way are always well received! Steve has received many for his accomplishments, all well deserved. He is an outstanding example of what biologists and managers can only hope to accomplish during our careers, and has been a wonderful ambassador for both the USFWS and the NWRS!

    Greg Mensik
    USFWS/Sacramento NWRC (Retired)

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