Urban Wildlife Refuge Program Enhances Seattle Students Summer

The Lake Sammamish Urban Refuge Partnership, one of more than 20 similar partnerships, is working to build a connected conservation constituency in the Seattle metro urban area. Working to connect urban dwellers to nature as stewards of native kokanee salmon and their watershed; the Urban Wildlife Refuge Program engages with community members of all ages to achieve their goal.  

Recently, the partnership posted on their blog the story of how they are working to enhance King County’s nontraditional summer youth program by bringing students to Lake Sammamish.  In an effort to reach a broad audience the blog post was published in both English and Spanish.

Over the course of a six-week program these students get up close and personal with the daily doings of King County’s Water & Land Resources Division. This group works to maintain healthy watersheds amid the social and economic demands of the county. When you consider that King County, with over 2.15 million inhabitants, is our nation’s 13th most populous county, it’s especially clear that this is no easy task!

The blog highlights the importance of connecting communities with the wildlife refuges and showcased how getting onto refuges gives even urban dwellers a chance to get the toes in the mud and contribute to the conservation taking place on these refuges.

The first field day featured Lake Sammamish State Park, where strong efforts to improve fish and wildlife habitats are underway. Joining these efforts, the students removed invasive weeds and restored native plants. While these chores aren’t glamorous, they can make a substantial difference to the many creatures seeking a haven in an urban green space.

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