U.S. Senate Votes to Open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to Oil & Gas Drilling

America’s Last Frontier to Be Developed to Pay For Corporate Tax Cuts

Washington, D.C.
In the dead of night during a marathon of voting on a bill that no lawmaker had time to read, the United States Senate voted to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas development, in order to raise $1 billion for tax cuts for corporations. The provision was part of a sweeping measure to re-write the U.S. tax code.

“This vote is an unprecedented attack on one of the only untouched, pristine wildlife areas left in the world. Today is a sad day for the wildlife that depends on the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge, the Gwich’in people, and, frankly, for future generations who will never experience the wild and raw beauty of this unique landscape,” said Geoffrey Haskett, President of the National Wildlife Refuge Association.

The Senate has voted to destroy forever one of the last remaining great ecosystems of the planet, NOT in exchange for other wildlife habitat or restoration projects, but as offsets for the Trump Administration’s push for tax cuts for corporations and for the wealthy.

The Arctic Refuge is America’s last frontier. It has remained untouched for millennia yet pro-drilling special interests would despoil this iconic place forever – at a time when the United States has a surplus of oil.

Now the House and Senate must go to conference to reconcile the differences in their two bills. Please call your Senators and Representative at (202) 224-3121 and ask them to strip out this provision during conference. There is still one more opportunity to stop this travesty before it becomes the law of the land and we lose one of the most important wildlife ecosystems on Earth.


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  1. April West says:

    Hi, can you post an easy script for this phone call “Please call your Senators and Representative at (202) 224-3121 and ask them to strip out this provision during conference,” that can be shared on social media? I don’t know what bill / clause to reference and want to give my friends an easy thing to do.

    Thank you

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