We Mourn the Loss of Our Conservation Hero

The conservation movement lost a hero. Alto “Bud” Adams didn’t necessarily look the part with his cowboy hat, boots, and dusty jeans, but he was every inch the conservationist in his quest to protect the magic of Everglades Headwaters, from just south of Orlando to Lake Okeechobee.

While central Florida is known for cattle ranching, thankfully, land stewards such as Bud understood that it wasn’t only cattle calling the area home. Florida cowboys have long shared their space with irreplaceable wetlands, black bears, Florida panthers, and other endangered species such as the Florida grasshopper sparrow.

Bud understood the value of conserving important habitat and joined the Refuge Association in 2012 to create the Everglades Headwaters National Wildlife Refuge and Conservation Area. The refuge is a unique partnership where landowners can voluntarily sell or enroll their lands in conservation easements. The easements will both protect important habitat for endangered species, but also keep working lands on the landscape to protect the Florida ranching way of life.

Bud Adams led other pioneering and dedicated private landowners to protect their resources before they are gone forever. We could not have asked for a more passionate and effective conservation leader for Florida’s Everglades Headwaters than Alto “Bud” Adams. Rest in peace and thank you, Bud, for all you gave to the world.

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