Update on Damages from Hurricane Irma

Dear Friends, Service staff, and refuge supporters,

If you have been impacted by Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, or the fires in the west, please know our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families as you work to deal with these enormous challenges.

We know people are wondering about the staff, Friends, and wildlife in the path of Irma and while we do not know a lot, here is what we do know.

As of late yesterday, 57 stations under U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) management in the Southeast, including refuges, Ecological Services field offices, and fish hatcheries, remain closed but staff are busy trying to assess the damages. Areas in the Florida Keys are inaccessible but significant damages are expected. On a positive note, highly endangered key deer were spotted on island of Big Pine, home of Key Deer National Wildlife Refuge.

Refuges along the coasts were spared what could have been a catastrophic blow, but are still severely impacted and we anticipate damages in the tens of million, perhaps hundreds of millions, as we estimate with Harvey. Flooding will be a big problem into the coming week, not only in Florida, but Georgia, the Carolinas, but also the Tennessee Valley.

For more information, the USFWS created a website to inform the public.

And while Irma may have spared Florida the worst, millions of people still need immediate assistance, food, and water. Power will be out in many areas for days or weeks and the clean up will be immense.


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