Trump Administration Rejects the Overwhelming Support for Monuments from Millions of Americans

An endangered Hawaiian monk seal enjoying his home in Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument | Mark Sullivan
An endangered Hawaiian monk seal enjoying his home in Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument | Mark Sullivan

The National Wildlife Refuge Association strongly condemns Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke’s recommendations to downsize and alter management of our national monuments. While the official report is still being kept secret from the American people, the recommendations reportedly include redrawing the boundaries of “a handful” of monuments and lifting existing protections in others. We fully expect several of the National Wildlife Refuge System’s five marine national monuments to be targeted by these recommendations.

“Secretary Zinke’s attempt to shrink national monument boundaries or eliminate their existing protections is completely unacceptable,” said Desiree Sorenson-Groves, Vice President of Government Affairs at the National Wildlife Refuge Association. “This is a blatant attack on our shared conservation heritage that completely disregards the sentiment of millions of Americans who voiced their overwhelming support for our national monuments to remain intact.”

Of the more than 2.8 million public comments the Department of the Interior received with respect to monuments review, an incredible 99.2 percent were in favor of keeping the size and scope of the monuments intact.

National monuments safeguard uniquely American scientific, cultural, and historic sites for the benefit of all and future generations of Americans. Eliminating protections outright by shrinking monument boundaries and allowing for commercial fishing, mining, drilling, and other resource extraction activities will negatively impact both the wildlife and people that rely on national monuments for survival.

While we wait for the full report to be released to the public, rest assured the Refuge Association is committed to fighting for the National Wildlife Refuge System’s national monuments, and indeed for all monuments under threat. An attack on one is an attack on all, and we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure our nation’s wildlife and the spectacular landscapes they call home endure for all and future generations.

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  1. Ruth Thomas says:

    These are not Trump’s to dispose of ….they belong to all Americans. He has no right to change our Natural National Treasures.

  2. Cathy Pohlman says:

    He has no right doing anything of this sort. Why would he be doing this except to get attention and cause trouble. The more of this kind of thing he does the less people will pay to everything else that he IS NOT DOING.

  3. Gail wotanowicz says:

    We have a very dangerous, obstinate, destructive, vindictive child in charge in our Whitehouse with no regard for the natural world. The sooner he goes, the better for all.

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