Protect Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

ProtectSanta AnaRefugeToday

Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in South Texas is now at the forefront of President Trump’s new border wall and we need your help to stop it! If the wall were built, it would be detrimental to the refuge, wildlife, and local communities.

Environmental Impacts

Unfortunately, the Administration has the authority to waive all standard environmental protections, including the Endangered Species Act and National Environmental Policy Act, to expedite construction. That means no public input, no Environmental Impact Study, and no mitigation.

Wildlife Impacts

The border wall would prevent mammals – such as the highly endangered ocelot – and other terrestrial wildlife from moving freely through refuge. The wall would also pose a major risk to wildlife in the event of natural floods that occur every few years along the Rio Grande River. Wildlife would become trapped and drown with nowhere to escape the rising floodwaters.

Community Impacts

The issue of public access is still unresolved. We do not know if public access will continue to be allowed, or what kind of restrictions would be placed on future visitation or if the wall would divide the refuge in half. An 18-foot tall wall would certainly discourage visitors from experiencing the refuge. Any reduction in visitation the refuge would have significant economic impacts to the local community.

Together We Can Save Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

Contribute to the Refuge Association now, and it will have twice the impact! An anonymous donor will double any contribution you make to the Refuge Association, to help us raise a total of $12,000.

Santa Ana NWR will be directly impacted by the proposed border wall, and we need your help to stop it! The wall will have a devastating effect on the environment, wildlife, and local communities.

Your contribution during this special challenge match will support our efforts to collect and share stories from community members, community leaders, and refuge supporters from all across the country who love Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge and our nation’s wildlife heritage.

We will carry these voices and powerful stories to congressional leaders on Capitol Hill to advocate for alternative solutions to protect the refuge and its wildlife.

Please donate to the Refuge Association today and your tax-deductible donation of $25 will become $50, or a gift of $50 will become $100.

Help us seize this exceptional opportunity. Our mission is to support and protect the Refuge System. Your generosity will bring us one step closer.

Thank you so much for your support.

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