Protect Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is our last frontier, one of America’s most iconic treasures and a crown jewel of our National Wildlife Refuge System. 

Today we launched a campaign to raise $15,000 to protect and conserve the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from the Administration and big oil companies.

This Land is Our Land. There is nothing more American than our Public Lands.

This pristine, vast landscape is home to over 250 species of wildlife including four of our most iconic American mammals – polar bears, moose, gray wolves, and grizzly bears – along with numerous other species such as caribou, lynx, Dall sheep, muskoxen, and hundreds of bird species. Nowhere else in our nation do you see such diversity of large mammal and bird species as in Arctic Refuge.

It truly is America’s Serengeti.

Since 1980, the Refuge Association has fought to keep the Arctic Refuge closed to oil and gas development. However, the push to drill in the Arctic Refuge has gained renewed strength under the new Administration. The threat is more real than ever before.  

Recently, the Trump Administration proposed to extract oil from the Arctic Refuge over the next 10 years, and this summer Congress will attempt to authorize drilling in the refuge. Experts agree that oil and gas development in this area would permanently and irreversibly disrupt the ecological integrity of the refuge.  

For 40 plus years, the Refuge Association has developed deep relationships with congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle and we have a large network of Friends Groups and volunteers to support our efforts.

Help us raise $15,000 to amplify our efforts in Washington, D.C., to lobby congressional leaders, mobilize hundreds of Friends organizations, empower 40,000 volunteers across the Refuge System, support the Gwich’in people, and work with conservation partners across the country to protect the Arctic Refuge. 

Protect the Arctic Refuge – Our Last Frontier – America’s Serengeti 

 Donate and support our campaign today! 

Thank you,

Geoffrey Haskett


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