Your National Monuments Are in Jeopardy!

Monk Seal in the Pacific Marine National Monument | USFWS
Monk Seal in the Pacific Marine National Monument | USFWS

Today, President Trump signed an Executive Order directing the Secretary of Interior to review all national monument designated within the past 20 years under the Clinton, Bush and Obama Administrations, in an attempt to rescind, revoke, or possibly eliminate them.

Our nation’s five marine national monuments, all of which are part of the Refuge System, are to be reviewed under this new Executive Order. This includes:

  • Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument
  • Rose Atoll Marine National Monument
  • Mariana’s Trench Marine National Monument
  • Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument
  • Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument

No President in the history of our nation has ever attempted to abolish national monuments. We must not let this happen.

This is not going to be quite as straight forward as some might expect because most of the acreage within these marine monuments are within the National Wildlife Refuge System and would require an act of Congress to take them out through the National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act.

Speak up to protect and maintain America’s cherished national monuments.

In 2016, the National Wildlife Refuge Association worked collaboratively with federal agencies, state agencies, local non-profit partners, and community leaders, to support the establishment of Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument under the Obama Administration.

Under the Antiquities Act, the President has the authority to establish national monuments to permanently protect America’s most important natural, cultural, and historical sites; including iconic symbols such as the Statue of Liberty to Bear Ears National Monument in Utah.

National monuments are not only significant to our cultural heritage, but also, support the outdoor recreation economy, which contributes to thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in economic output every year.

Together we must stand up and let congress and the administration know that we are watching. Keep public lands public.

Oppose any attempts to shrink or eliminate our national monuments. Take action today.

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  1. KATHRYN HYDE says:

    please take care of our National Monuments…..what are you thinking???? Do you want to take everything America away…..

  2. Lou Karwowski says:

    dPres. Trump, you say you want to protect America. protect our National Monuments for us and our children. They can never be replaced!, Thanks

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