Celebrate the 114th Birthday of the National Wildlife Refuge System!


Today, the National Wildlife Refuge System celebrates its 114th birthday and we want to invite all of our animals’ friends to showcase their support!

March 14th is a very special day. Not only is it Pi Day, but in 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt established Pelican Island as the first federal bird reservation, a forerunner to the National Wildlife Refuge System. This was the first time lands had ever been set aside on behalf of wildlife in the United States. With over 560 national wildlife refuges to explore, national wildlife refuges offer incredible wildlife experiences to share with your friends and family. Whether you are a hunter, angler, hiker, birder, wildlife photographer or wildlife enthusiast, there is a national wildlife refuge out there for you!

As the Refuge System turns 114 years old on March 14th 2017, it is coming under attack more than ever before. We need your financial support to fight back.

Since January, there have been multiple pieces of legislation that threaten the Refuge System, including bills to allow drilling for oil and gas in Arctic NWR, eliminate law enforcement officers on public lands, and end protections for predators in Alaska. With anticipated funding cuts to the National Wildlife Refuge System, this birthday marks a critical opportunity for us to come together to ensure that we can continue to celebrate future birthdays of the National Refuge System. 

For years, National Wildlife Refuge Association has fought hard to protect and conserve our nation’s greatest system of public lands.

In 2016, we:

  • Removed a rider from the Defense authorization bill that would eliminate the Refuge System’s management of the Desert NWR.
  • Pushed to create the largest protected area on Earth by expanding the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument.
  • Stopped a legislative provision to divest 3500 acres of the Vieques NWR in Puerto Rico for development.
  • Helped establish the Bear River Migratory Bird Conservation Area in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.

We can continue to fight back on threats to the Refuge System but only with your help. Please make a gift so that we can speak for the wildlife that cannot speak for itself.

With your support we will:

  • Increase advocacy and work with lawmakers on Capital Hill to support policies and programs that protect the National Wildlife Refuge System.
  • Organize coalitions of sportsmen, conservationists, and recreational partners around Refuge System threats.
  • Train and support Refuge Friends groups to help their local refuge and the Refuge System.

Let’s make the Next 100 Years Even Better!

Help us protect your National Wildlife Refuge System!

Help us Protect America’s wildlife heritage!

Donate to the National Wildlife Refuge Association Today!

We would sincerely like to say thank you for all of your support.


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