Make a Difference to Protect Refuges

As a new Administration comes to Washington, DC, now is a critical time for us to work together as refuge supporters and members of the Friends community to protect our National Wildlife Refuge System.

If we wish to galvanize support and make a difference in Washington, DC, it is essential to be familiar with, and have relationships with, your newly elected or re-elected congressional leaders.

Don’t know who your newly elected officials are? Click on the links below to find out:

United States House of Representatives

United State Senate

As refuge supporters and members of the Friends community, what can you do to help?

  • Subscribe to the Refuge Association’s Monthly Flyer and Action Alerts to stay informed on refuge issues and find out how you can take action
  • Mobilize members of your community to send letters to your congressional leaders about important refuge issues
  • Make sure that your lawmakers in the House and Senate are subscribed to your Friends organization’s monthly newsletter
  • Congratulate your congressional leaders on winning their election and continue developing a dialogue to build strong relationships with them
  • Schedule a meeting with your members of Congress to talk about your local national wildlife refuge, the importance of public lands, the values your refuge brings to your local community and its economy, and what your lawmakers can do to help
  • Write Letters to the Editor in your local newspaper about the benefits your local national wildlife refuge provides to your community and the importance of public lands

Throughout 2017, we expect there will be many anti-public lands bills introduced in the House, and we need refuge supporters like you to let Congress know that the removal of public lands is not the will of the American people. Thank you for standing up to support the National Wildlife Refuge System and all public lands.

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  1. Margaret (Peg) Abbott says:

    I am angry about the Gag order on federal agencies imposed yesterday by the new administration. Instead of anger I am choosing action, and I will now send you a donation, and will urge our Facbook followers to do the same with a link to your organization today. The website is easy to navigate and I hope it will be a place I can take action on specific issues over the coming years. Thanks for all you do. It is vitally important that our federal agency workers do not give up and quit, that is what they want to have happen. I would like to see a Blog piece here on how to support our refuge biologists, managers, and staff, I will do so as I can in my state! Also through my trael company that offers trips to several states, and is a permittee on several refuges.

    Peg Abbott

  2. Robert moisy says:

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is pleased to announce that the Final Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact for the construction of proposed improvements and compatible public uses for the 57-acre Three Sisters Springs Unit of the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge are now available. The EA was prepared in cooperation with the City of Crystal River and input from the local community.
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    And Happy New Year!

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