Your Voice Matters – A Guide to Ensuring that Your Voice is Heard!

You might have read an article recently that articulates how to make your voice heard by your elected officials. With so many different ways to communicate your thoughts and opinions on an issue, it is important to use the appropriate communication channels that will ensure your message gets the attention of your lawmaker. Emily Ellsworth, a former Congressional staffer who worked for Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, took to twitter to share her insights.


Things that Don’t Work:









Things that Do Work:














Talking to Your Congressional Representative:





















The Importance of Developing Relationships with Congressional Staffers:




























We completely agree with Emily. The National Wildlife Refuge Association is the only non-profit organization that advocates solely for the protection and enhancement of the National Wildlife Refuge System. This year alone, the Refuge Association has:

  • Stopped the loss of Vieques National Wildlife Refuge to development in Puerto Rico
  • Helped to prevent sage grouse from being listed as an endangered species by creating 8.6 million acres of sage grouse focus area.
  • Helped create a 373 million acre Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument and added it to the National Wildlife Refuge System. Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument is the largest protected area on planet Earth.

By choosing the most effective method of reaching your Senators and Member of Congress, you can help us do the most good for the Refuge System. We thank you for all your personal meetings, calls, emails, and tweets on behalf of the Refuge System in 2016!

Join the Refuge Association’s Action Network to ensure that you remain up-to-date about important issues that face the National Wildlife Refuge System and find out what you can do to take action!

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  1. Chrsitine Demick says:

    Great information. Need to post this info to Facebook especially with the new administration.

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