Fernando Núñez-García Hired as Caribbean Conservation Coordinator

fullsizerenderWe are very pleased to welcome Fernando Núñez-García as the new Caribbean Conservation Coordinator for the National Wildlife Refuge Association. Núñez-García will conduct community outreach and public engagement activities throughout Puerto Rico, working closely with the Puerto Rican Parrot Interagency Working Group, the Caribbean Landscape Conservation Cooperative, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to build and enhance a connected conservation constituency.

Núñez-García has had a successful career working for the FWS in research and management projects involving endangered species in Puerto Rico. His expertise includes program administration, endangered species recovery, conservation planning, wildlife ecology, and environmental compliance. He is also fluent in spoken and written Spanish and English. One of his major professional interests is to promote ecological and holistic approaches to the conservation of natural resources integrating ecosystem processes, the human element, land management practices, and land ownership in the development and implementation of conservation actions. Fernando also believes in supporting multi-sector coalitions for the development and implementation of conservation actions in Puerto Rico.

Fernando’s daughter Marie Anne, his son Fernando James, and his three grandchildren Tai, Helena Nicole, and Evelyn Giselle live in Georgia. He can be reached at fnunezgarcia@refugeassociation.org or at 787-690-6914.

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  1. José González Díaz y/o Felisa says:

    Hola Fernando muchas felicidades. Te saludamos y reconocemos tu gran valía en el campo del cual te han contratado, te auguramos mucho óxito. También queremos ponernos a tu disposición para cualquier proyecto que podamos cooperar. Pepe y Fela

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