Tag Us in Times Square!

Have you ever seen a bison or polar bear in Times Square? For the next 6 weeks, our big-screen ad can be seen at 1500 Broadway and 43rd St. through the end of November! Just look up!

This week, join the National Wildlife Refuge Association in celebrating National Wildlife Refuge Week in the heart of New York City. Take a picture from Times Square and tag us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or all three with the hashtag, #wildliferefuge.

This week and every week, we encourage everyone to find, visit, and protect your National Wildlife Refuges.

The National Wildlife Refuge System is our national system of wildlife conservation lands – and it is grossly underfunded by Congress. You can help us advocate for your 565 refuges, located in every state and territory – by making a recurring donation here. No matter the size, your monthly contribution truly makes a difference!

Thank you in advance for your support!

* Special thanks to Neutron Media for making this visibility opportunity possible!

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