Give Today & Protect Wildlife Refuges for Our Future

This year we celebrated our 40th anniversary–that’s four decades of protecting the places we all share a role in conserving, the over half a billion acres of lands and waters managed by the National Wildlife Refuge System.

Today, we’d be honored if you donated to the National Wildlife Refuge Association.  


What will your contribution help achieve? Take a look at our accomplishments and goals. Your donation can boost our ability to:

  • Protect Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and Izembek National Wildlife Refuge
    The year began with the culmination of a decade of work when President Obama announced the new management plan for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, followed by his recommendation to Congress to designate the majority of the refuge as Wilderness. Meanwhile, the Refuge Association and our colleagues won another round in the long-term battle to protect the integrity of Izembek National Wildlife Refuge, threatened by construction of a politically-charged road. Our vigilance continues, as both actions have already been challenged.

    A young Hawaiian Monk Seal and a Green Sea Turtle are both species that will be protected because of the expanded monument | Credit: Mark Sullivan
    A young Hawaiian Monk Seal and a Green Sea Turtle are both species that will be protected because of the expanded monument | Credit: Mark Sullivan
  • Conserve the largest marine protected area on the planet: 473 million acres of land and water in the Pacific
    In 2015, the Refuge Association worked on developing a strategic plan to help guide efficient and effective management, partnerships and funding for this intricate system of coral reefs, islands, atolls, undersea mounts, deep sea canyons and more than 7,000 species, from the microscopic to the magnificent.


  • Further collaborative partnerships that conserve greater sage-grouse across the West
    In September, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service determined not to add the greater sage-grouse to the federal endangered species list, citing the promise of collaborative conservation plans across the West.
    The decision builds on the Refuge Association’s long-term work to enhance landscape conservation partnerships in key “Sagebrush Strongholds” where refuges play an anchor role in protecting sagebrush habitat not just for sage-grouse, but for pronghorn, mule deer, pygmy rabbit and songbirds.
  • Rally the public and our elected officials to increase their support for our wildlife refuges
    During the past 11 months, the Refuge Association initiated a series of regional capacity-building workshops for Refuge Friends Groups. With the Cooperative Alliance for Refuge Enhancement (CARE), we re-invigorated the Refuge Caucus in the House of Representatives bringing new and old champions together. And with Partners for Conservation and the National Tigers for Tigers Coalition, we’ve brought attention to the effectiveness of some of the National Wildlife Refuge System’s important programs.

The National Wildlife Refuge Association has a special niche. We provide the opportunities, initiative and innovation to help people take action for our wildlife, our refuges – and to help the Refuge System translate that action into conservation on the ground.

We cannot do this work without your support. Please make your tax-deductible contribution today.  


For more details on donating to the Refuge Association, contact Anne Truslow, vice-president and chief operating officer, at atruslow@refugeassociation.org or 202-417-3803 x14


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