New FWS Videos Debut at Telluride Photo Festival

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Urban Wildlife Conservation Program got a big boost last week in Colorado as two new videos about urban outreach in Southern California debuted at the Telluride Photo Festival.

View of mountains around Telluride|Credit: Christine McGowan
View of mountains around Telluride | Credit: Christine McGowan

The festival, in its fourth year, attracted more than 150 nature photographers, videographers and magazine editors who specialize in outdoor and adventure storytelling.

The National Wildlife Refuge Association and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service were invited to participate in the festival by Tandem Stills & Motion, an event sponsor and the company behind the two new urban videos.

Ian Shive, CEO at Tandem and executive producer, showed the videos, noting they offer two unique examples of how nature-based education and interpretation at nearby wildlife refuges in Southern California is having an impact on inner-city kids in Los Angeles and San Diego.


The first video features efforts to connect with kids and families in San Diego:

And the second video showcases a terrific effort to restore the LA River in Los Angeles that also connects inner-city residents with a river many didn’t even realize was there:

I gave the introduction to the presentation, and had an opportunity to share with the crowd of photographers and magazine editors the importance of reaching beyond the choir of existing outdoor enthusiasts. In a nutshell, this is what I told them:

  • Eighty percent of Americans now live in cities, which means we have entire generations growing up disconnected to nature;
  • If we don’t reach urban kids and families now and help them re-connect to the natural world, we risk losing the future conservation advocates we need to protect our public lands;
  • More than 100 national wildlife refuges are located in or near major city centers, which means America’s wildlife refuges have a golden opportunity to become hubs for reaching kids and families and helping them have easy, safe and accessible experiences in nature close to home.

The Service and the Refuge Association brought Tandem Stills & Motion on board to help tell this compelling story about what urban wildlife refuges offer to inner-city youth, families and others who may never make it to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or other far-away places to experience wilderness. The great news is, they don’t have to! They can discover the beauty of wildlife and the natural world right in the city.

Click here to learn more about the Urban Wildlife Conservation Program.

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