Community Give – a 24-Hour Day of Giving

Community_Give_logo_leftToday is the Fredericksburg Community Give, a 24-hour day of giving for the region in and around Fredericksburg, VA, and this year, the National Wildlife Refuge Association is among the nonprofit recipients of this generosity, thanks to board member and Fredericksburg resident and business owner Rebecca Rubin.

According to its website, “The Community Give is about working together for a single day, celebrating our spirit of generosity and making a significant and heartfelt impact on each of the lives touched by the hard-working nonprofit organizations serving our region.”

Rubin, CEO of Fredericksburg-based Marstel-Day, generously offered to help us set up our profile so we could feature the important wildlife conservation efforts happening in the Rappahannock River region.

Funds raised from donations will be used to hold an outreach and educational event in Fredericksburg led by one of our conservation program team members. This event will highlight the critical role of bringing nature to children through the urban wildlife refuge program and help raise awareness about the importance of the National Wildlife Refuge System’s wildlife conservation efforts in the Rappahannock River region – a region with critical natural resources and habitat. Our speaker will discuss local conservation priorities and why the region is so important to wildlife conservation for the future.

Please consider a donation the the Refuge Association during this year’s Community Give!

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