We’ve Reached 100k!

In celebration of the Refuge Association Facebook page reaching 100,000 likes, here are our most popular Facebook posts. Enjoy!


  1. PipingPloversPiping Plovers: This photo, posted mid August, highlights one of the main species that is protected at Rhode Island National Wildlife Refuges: Piping Plovers. Just before this photo was posted, the Cooperative Alliance for Refuge Enhancement, which the Refuge Association chairs, presented Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) with a carving of piping plovers in recognition of his support for the National Wildlife Refuge System. Reed, chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee’s Subcommittee on Interior, Environment and Related Agencies, has been a longtime supporter of adequate funding for America’s wildlife refuges and has demonstrated his commitment to conservation through his leadership in Congress. To learn more about Senator Reed and his award, click here.
  2. pathsDirt Trails:  We love this quote posted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Although the mission of the National Wildlife Refuge System is to preserve land for wildlife, it is also imperative that people enjoy it as well. About 80% of the United States population now live in urban areas and a large portion of those people very rarely spend time outside. That is why the Urban Wildlife Refuge Program works to bring the majority of Americans onto refuges, and bring the refuges to them. Spending time outside, on refuges provides immense benefits for the community, the individual, and also the wildlife.
  3. ospreyLunch is Served!: This osprey definitely is not camera shy, as it appears some aren’t! In a story from the May Birding Community E-Bulletin, An osprey set up a nest right in front of a traffic camera the western side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on its span to the DelMarVa Peninsula. The Service stated that the nest could be removed as long as there were no eggs in the nest. So the Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA) removed the nest, only for the osprey to rebuild it time and time again. Finally, MdTA built a wooden platform near the cameras where the osprey was finally able to set up a nest. Birding Community E-Bulletins are posted every month with more great stories like this one.
  4. pelicanCarp” Diem: What a mouthful! The nutrient rich carp will definitely keep that pelican full, just as the Bear River Watershed, where this photo was taken,  is teeming with wildlife and provides nutrients and sustenance to a wide variety of wildlife and people. The Bear River Watership is one of the Refuge Association’s focus areas in the Beyond the Boundaries Program. The Bear River is the largest waterway in the arid Great Basin region, and thus plays a crucial role in supporting habitats and wildlife here. For example, the river sustains more than 41,000 acres of freshwater wetlands that provide refuge to thousands of migratory birds. The river is also vital to the people of the region, providing an irreplaceable source for irrigation to support crops and cattle, as well as outdoor recreation. Development and pollution pose major threats to this unique and irreplaceable resource. The Refuge Association has been working with the Service since 2009 supporting planning and outreach efforts, expanding conservation education programs, and advocating for funding to support land and water acquisition. Click here to learn more about our work in the Bear River Watershed.
  5. albatrossYou lookin at me? This black-footed albatross attracted hundreds of comments and shares from our loyal facebook fans. Without you, we wouldn’t have made it to 100k likes on facebook – quite literally! It is also because of you, our readers and supporters, that we are able to protect wildlife and our public lands on a daily basis. From your written and verbal support, to donations and work out on the refuges, we appreciate it all.


Have you taken any photos on a National Wildlife Refuge? Share them with us!* Use the hashtag #seerefuges on instagram or twitter, share them on our facebook page, or email them to epaciolla@refugeassociation. Just make sure to include which refuge you took the photo on!


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donatenowAlso, consider a donation to the National Wildlife Refuge System so we can continue to protect this beautiful and important wildlife.

*By submitting photos through email, facebook, or with the hashtag #seerefuges, you are granting the National Wildlife Refuge Association permission to share your photos on social media and in our blog.

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