A Changing Climate Thrashes Coastal Refuges

The storm surge from Hurricane Sandy left much of Chincoteague NWR in Virginia under water, including this boat ramp along the Assateague Channel. Photo Credit: USFWS

Dear Refuge Supporter,

As Hurricane Sandy barreled through the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions early this week many coastal Refuges have been severely hit. In addition to infrastructure damage, which may include visitor centers, office buildings, equipment, and operational facilities, irreversible environmental damage has occurred. Heavy rain and winds caused massive flooding and erosion for coastal and river Refuges from North Carolina to Maine. Fragile habitats have been disturbed and America’s wildlife will pay.

In light of ever shrinking budgets, many Refuges will face costly damage with limited funds for repairs. This is why I am writing you today to ask for your help. As the only dedicated nonprofit organization advocating solely for the National Wildlife Refuge System budget, NWRA has created a special fund to assist Refuges that have been disproportionally affected by Hurricane Sandy. Funds raised from this campaign will go toward compiling a report to the Administration and Congress on costs and the need for Refuge repair- without this Refuges and wildlife may be overlooked as funds flow to other agencies charged with hurricane response.

Make a donation today to ensure a fully funded recovery for America’s wild places and wildlife.


David Houghton
NWRA President

P.S. Over 40 Refuges have been hit by Hurricane Sandy. Below is a list of Refuges NWRA has identified that will need extra funds for damage and repairs. For more information about specific refuges and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s hurricane response, please visit http://www.fws.gov/home/hurricane/.

North Carolina: Pea Island NWR
Virginia: Eastern Shore NWR, Fishermans Island NWR, Chincoteague NWR
Maryland: Blackwater NWR
Delaware: Prime Hook NWR, Bombay Hook NWR
New Jersey: Cape May NWR, Forsythe NWR
Massachusetts: Monomoy NWR, Nantucket NWR
New York: Wertheim NWR

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