NWRA Launches “We’re There for You” Combined Federal Campaign

NWRA’s Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) ad features VP of Government Affairs Desire Soreson-Groves asking “We’re there for you – are you there for us?”.

September 25, 2012 – Washington, DC   The National Wildlife Refuge Association today launched a comprehensive initiative to educate U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employees and other interested individuals about the role the non-profit plays in supporting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Wildlife Refuge System. Called the “We’re There for You” campaign, it also encourages individual contributions to support NWRA’s efforts on the Service’s behalf.

“When it comes to advocating on behalf of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Refuge System budgets, the agency has no better friend than the National Wildlife Refuge Association,” said NWRA President, Evan Hirsche. “But for us to make an even greater difference for the Service and its wildlife conservation mission, we need tax-deductible contributions from employees, retirees and other interested individuals across the country.

The NWRA works with diverse national conservation and recreation groups and more than 230 refuge Friends volunteer groups across the country to make sure that decision-makers know just how important it is to support robust Refuge System and associated U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service budgets. In the last 10 years, the non-partisan NWRA has helped secure nearly $1 billion in funding for the Refuge System and related Service conservation programs.

The cornerstone of the campaign is an ad scheduled for broad distribution across social and traditional media outlets that highlights the importance of Service employees contributing to the NWRA. Featuring a photograph of NWRA’s Vice-President of Government Affairs, Desiree Sorenson-Groves, in front of the U.S. Capitol, it’s message is simple: “We’re there for you – will you be there for us?”

The National Wildlife Refuge Association was established in 1975 by retired U.S. Fish and Wildlife Refuge System professionals and today includes retired and former Service leaders on both its board of directors and staff.  Its mission is to conserve American wildlife for future generations by protecting, enhancing, and expanding the National Wildlife Refuge System and the wildlife habitats beyond its boundaries that secure its ecological integrity.

For more information or to view the ad visit refugeassociation.org. You can contribute to the NWRA online or by selecting #10076 through the Combined Federal Campaign.


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